About Us

Fidal Servizi (limited liability company with only partner the Italian Federation of Athletics) was founded in 2008 to supply quality services at the sports system.

We work at national and international level for supporting operatively the sports reality, from large federal organizations to small territorial realities.

Our mission

We offer operational support in the field of technological services organizational, administrative and management for companies, associations, institutions, organizers and other realities operating in the sports sector.

Our experience guarantees a high level of competence, professionalism and quality for the customer through competitive costs and value-added services.

  • Custom Consulting
  • Professionals team at your disposal
  • System Integrator activity

We work towards to obtain a portfolio of customers increasingly important and qualified, at national and international level, also thanks to the continuous research and development aimed at improving the quality of the services that we provide.

Our golden rules

1. Listening skills

The goals can be reached by listening the customers and the stakeholders

2. Openness

We choose the strategy after having collected from customers or on the territory all necessary information

3. Technical competence

We put out into the field a team of true professionals

4. Social responsibility

We believe in what we do and we always account of our actions and their consequences

5. Passion

Our work is also what we believe in

6. Transparency

We be accountable for our activities and for the results achieved

7. Propriety

We always declare what we do, we respect the contracts, the rules and regulations

8. Reliability

What we promise we always do that