11th European Masters Athletics Championships Indoor
- 29 march-3 april
60 Hs H 100 PENTATHLON M45 - RESULTS06/04 - 13:04
 RecordWR8.18 Karl SMITHJAMBOSTON25/03/2006 
 ER8.39 Marin GARRIGUESFRAEUBONNE09/02/2013 
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Serie 1  PALAINDOOR - 30 March 2016 - Start Time: 09:05 
Pos.LaneBibAthleteYearCat. MarkPoints
143053SUNNEBORN Mattias1970M45 SWE SWEDEN8.77987
26197VELEBA Petr1971M45 CZE CZECH REPUBLIC9.83759
351194KOENIG Stephan1968M45 GER GERMANY10.19687
43781BUTLER Geoff1969M45 GBR GREAT BRITAIN & N. IRELAND12.13362
Serie 2  PALAINDOOR - 30 March 2016 - Start Time: 09:08 
Pos.LaneBibAthleteYearCat. MarkPoints
141577BAITELLI Raffaello1967M45 ITA ITALY10.24677
231269NORDSIEK Arnd1969M45 GER GERMANY10.48631
371239MAXIMOWITZ Dirk1966M45 GER GERMANY10.93552
 51406ARVANITIS Nikolaos1967M45 GRE GREECEDNF 
Bib 1406 yellow card Rule 125.5
Serie 3  PALAINDOOR - 30 March 2016 - Start Time: 09:11 
Pos.LaneBibAthleteYearCat. MarkPoints
132695FAAIJ Gerard1970M45 NED NETHERLANDS9.30869
252736VAN BERKUM Jurgen1967M45 NED NETHERLANDS9.50827
341867DI BLASI Manfred1969M45 ITA ITALY12.37330
Serie 4  PALAINDOOR - 30 March 2016 - Start Time: 10:03 
Pos.LaneBibAthleteYearCat. MarkPoints
181382WECHS Martin1970M45 GER GERMANY11.26497
Autorized competition by the Technical Delegate recived the orally protest by the athlete for acknowledged technical problem. // Partecipazione autorizzata dal Delegato Tecnico accogliendo il reclamo verbale dell'atleta per riconosciuto errore tecnico.
Pos.LaneBibAthleteYearCat. MarkPoints
143053SUNNEBORN Mattias1970M45 SWE SWEDEN8.77987
232695FAAIJ Gerard1970M45 NED NETHERLANDS9.30869
352736VAN BERKUM Jurgen1967M45 NED NETHERLANDS9.50827
46197VELEBA Petr1971M45 CZE CZECH REPUBLIC9.83759
551194KOENIG Stephan1968M45 GER GERMANY10.19687
641577BAITELLI Raffaello1967M45 ITA ITALY10.24677
731269NORDSIEK Arnd1969M45 GER GERMANY10.48631
871239MAXIMOWITZ Dirk1966M45 GER GERMANY10.93552
981382WECHS Martin1970M45 GER GERMANY11.26497
103781BUTLER Geoff1969M45 GBR GREAT BRITAIN & N. IRELAND12.13362
1141867DI BLASI Manfred1969M45 ITA ITALY12.37330
 51406ARVANITIS Nikolaos1967M45 GRE GREECEDNF 
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